Machine Learning Algorithms using Open Source


Forthcoming (Tentative Topics)

Algorithm 1: Gradient Descent.
Algorithm 2: Linear Regression.
Algorithm 3: Logistic Regression.
Algorithm 4: Linear Discriminant Analysis.
Algorithm 5: Classification and Regression Trees.
Algorithm 6: Naive Bayes.
Algorithm 7: K-Nearest Neighbors.
Algorithm 8: Learning Vector Quantization.
Algorithm 9: Support Vector Machines.
Algorithm 10: Bagged Decision Trees and Random Forest.
Algorithm 11: Boosting and AdaBoost.

Simple Linear Regression using Statistics.
Simple Linear Regression with Gradient Descent.
Logistic Regression with Gradient Descent.
Linear Discriminant Analysis using Statistics.
Classification and Regression Trees with Gini.
Naive Bayes for Categorical Data.
Gaussian Naive Bayes for Real-Valued Data.
K-Nearest Neighbors for Classification.
Learning Vector Quantization for Classification.
Support Vector Machines with Gradient Descent.
Bagged Classification and Regression Trees.
AdaBoost for Classification.

“The most unfortunate thing is that India still seems to believe in proprietary solutions. Further spread of IT which is influencing the daily life of individuals would have a devastating effect on the lives of society due to any small shift in the business practice involving these proprietary solutions. It is precisely for these reasons open source software need to be built which would be cost effective for the entire society.
In India, open source code software will have to come and stay in a big way for the benefit of our billion people.”
– Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

The GNU+Linux Foundation

“When the Last Tree has been cut down, the Last Fish caught, the Last River poisoned, only then will we realize that One Cannot Eat Money.”

Native American Saying

What can Save the World from Self-destruction?

The Humble Conversion to the Spiritual Way.
Because Earth & Nature has been Ravaged by the blind wild mass race to prove that you are Someone Better because you got $omething $pecial.

The GNU+Linux Evangelist

STC on “Technical Writing using LaTeX” (15-19 February 2021)

NITTTR Chandigarh Organizes  STC on “Technical Writing using LaTeX”

(15-19 February 2021),  Oplan: ICTO-264



First Day Recording ( First and Second Session)


Third Session


Fourth Session



Timetable and Schedule


DATE 11: A.M. to 12:30 P.M. 2:30 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.


Essentials of Technical Writing and LaTeX Demonstration on Research Writing using LaTeX
16-02-2021 Tips and Tools for Effective Technical and Research Writing Research Writing, Equations, Figures, and Tables
17-02-2021 Flowcharts, Algorithms Design and Drawing Tools Journals Templates, Citations and References Management using LaTeX
18-02-2021  Research Writing and Presentation using Beamer Research paper writing & presentation through overleaf
19-02-2021  Plagiarism and Its prevention Qualitative Writing and Academic Publishing


Free and Open Source ICT Tools for Education–HPU

Free and Open Source ICT Tools for Education–HPU

10 Feb 2021

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