STC On Data Analytics Tools for Research (04 Nov to 08 Nov 2019)

 STC On Data Analytics Tools for Research

(04 Nov to 08 Nov 2019)


To introduce various data analytics tools for research like Weka, and python
To make the participants learn the essentials of Python for Data Analytics.
To learn installation of Anaconda Distribution for Data Analytics.
To do Data Cleaning, Preprocessing and Visualization using open source tools.
To know about various benchmark datasets
To enable the participants to apply Advance Statistics for Data Analytics.
To use Data Analytics for Academic Research and Publication


To install and use Weka for data pre-processing and statistical analysis
Installation of Anaconda Distribution and various python editors etc.
Overview of Data Analytics and Introduction to Python (Variables,operators, decision making)
Functions, loops and Data Structures
Freely available Benchmark datasets for data analysis
Statistics techniques for Data Analytics
Data Cleaning, Pre-processing Techniques using Python
Data Visualization using open source tools
Academic Data Analytics for Research and Publication