STC On Deep Learning (Oplan CSE-9) (22nd July to 26th July 2019)

STC On Deep Learning (Oplan CSE-9)
(22nd July to 26th July 2019)



Introduction to Deep Learning and Applications

Anaconda Distribution, Jupyter setup and Python Programming for Deep Learning

Installation of Matplotlib, Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit and Essential Deep Learning Libraries
Supervised Techniques and Algorithms
Supervised Techniques Implementation and Hands-On

Essential Mathematics for Deep Learning
Principles of Deep Learning

Building Neural Networks from scratch: Path towards deep networks

Techniques for Optimizing Deep Neural Networks

Feature Engineering, Unsupervised Techniques and Algorithms and Model Evaluation

Unsupervised Techniques Implementation, Model Evaluation and Hands-On

Deep Networks: Concepts, Layers, Activations and Optimization Parameters

Training deep networks from Scratch, Classical Architectures and Transfer Learning

Deep Learning Applications from MathWorks

Medical Image Analysis using Deep Learning