Forthcoming Courses 2019-2020

  1.   C SE-1 Research Oriented, Machine Learning using Python 29.04.2019 03.05.2019 NITTTR,
    CHD MD/AD, Northern
  2. C SE-2 Industry Supported ,Linux Administration Using CentOS 13.05.2019 17.05.2019 NITTTR,CHD, AD Northern
  3. C SE-9 Research Oriented, Deep Learning 22.07.2019 26.07.2019 NITTTR, CHD ,AD Northern
  4. CS ECL-3 Advanced Level, MATLAB for Engineering Applications (Two Weeks) 22.07.2019 02.08.2019 NITTTR,
    CHD AD/ LM  National
  5. CSE-12 Research Oriented , Machine Learning and Deep Learning Using Open Source (Two Weeks)
    16.09.2019 27.09.2019 NITTTR,CHD ,SS/AD National
  6. CSE-14 Skill Oriented, Python Programming 23.09.2019 27.09.2019 Outstation AD Northern
  7. CS E-17 Research Oriented, Data Analytics Tools for Research 04.11.2019 08.11.2019 NITTTR, CHD SS/AD National
  8. CSE-20 Research Oriented, Data Science and Big Data Analytics Using Open Source, (Two Weeks)
    18.11.2019 29.11.2019 NITTTR, CHD SS/AD National
  9. IC T-62 Research,Oriented ,Open Source Technologies 10.02.2020 14.02.2020 NITTTR, CHD AD National



LM-13 Lab Manual on Advanced Python Programming SS/AD CSE

LM-6- E-Lab Manual on Computer Hardware and Systems Software AD/SN CSE

V F-16 Image Forensics AD CSE