Scilab for Engineering Applications” from 13.03.2017 to 17.03.2017

Scilab for Engineering Applications” from

13.03.2017 to 17.03.2017


SCILAB Introduction and  Installation

Vector operations, Variables and Matrix Operations

Conditional Branching, Iterations and Loops Scripts and Functions

Toolboxes and Scilab Applications using Garuda Cloud

2D, 3D Graphs and Advanced plotting commands

Image Processing Toolbox and Implementation of  Face and Eye Detection Techniques

Advance Image Processing and Video Processing

Numerical Interpolation, Curve Fitting, Polynomials  and Differential equations

Simulation using XCOS

File Handling,  Database Programming, Statistical Methods and Data Mining

Numerical Optimization Techniques and  Artificial Intelligence

Soft Computing and  Nature Inspired Algorithms

Nature Inspired Algorithms Implementation