STC on “Linux Administration using CentOS” at Ambedkar Institute of Technology, (AIT), New Delhi From 18.07.2016 to 22.07.2016

Detail contents

Overview of LINUX , Distiributions,, Shells and Kernel

Linux Internals, Inodes, Blocks, Super block, File System (Ext2, Ext3, Ext4) and Essentials

Linux Installation and Virtualization

Remotely Linux Installation

User,Group, Disk Quota Management and Advance Permissions

Network Management , Monitoring and IP Addressing

Windows and Linux Networking using Samba

Software Management and Yum Server

Linux Based Light Weight Virtualization and Hadoop

Implementation of LDAP Server

Web Server and FTP Server Implementation

Linux Cluster Implementation

DNS Server and Syslog Server Implementation

IP6 Implementation

Backup and Restore

Security and Advance Troubleshooting