Cyber Security and Forensics (at MIMIT , Malout), Under the Project of Ministry of IT ( 2 to 13 December 2013)

Detail Contents

Overview of  Security and Types Of Attacks

Cryptography Techniques and Algorithms
Digital Signature and Secure Protocols Implementation

Firewall Configuration & Implementation

ARP Spoofing, Trojans

DNS Spoofing

IDS (Intrusion Detection System)

DDOS Attacks and Security

Penetration Testing

SQL Injections and CheatSheet,   Vulnerability Investigation

Data Hiding Techniques (Steganography and Cryptography)

Man-in-Middle Attack and Packet Analysis

Digital Image Forensic Tools,Remote Spy Keyloggers,Backdoors and Viruses


Website Hacking and Security Analysis
Cyber Investigation
E-mail Header Analysis and Source Identification
Cyber Crime Investigarion using Helix

Proxy Server and VPN Technologies Using Ravan

IP version 6 and Security
Installation and Setup of  Open Source  Forensic  Tools ( Kali and Backtrack)

MetaSploit, BlackWidow,Session Hijacking,Batch Programming

Data Security using TrueCrypt

Information Security Implementation using ADS

Network Miner,Database Testing and Penetration Analysis