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STC on OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGY (15.10.2012 TO 19.10.2012) at NITTTR Chandigarh


Network Security and Firewall (17.9.2012 to 21.9.2012)
Detail Contents
Overview of Network Security

Principles of Cryptography


Types of Attacks

IPSec and SSL

Network Forensics and Security

Network Forensics and Security


N/W Vulnerabilities & Exploitation using Back Track 5


E-mail Security with Digital Signatures

Network Domain and Security

Network Domain and Security

Firewall Configuration

Firewall Deployment

Intrusion Detection System

Simulation of Man-in-middle attack

Linux Administration (20.8.2012 to 24.08.2012)

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Detail Contents

    Overview of Linux

    Linux Installation and Administration

    Oracle Installation and Administration

    Linux Kernel and Shell Commands

    Linux Internals, File Systems and Essential Files

    User Management and Advance Permissions

    Distributed Computing and Clusters

    Grid and Cloud Computing with Cloud-Sim

    Network Management and Yum Server

    Proxy Server Implementation

    Web Server and FTP Server Implementation

    IP v6 and DNS Server Implementation

    Samba Server and NIS Server Implementation

    KVM Virtualization Implementation

    Linux Security and Syslog Server

    Advance Troubleshooting