Forthcoming STCS and Trainings

Forthcoming STCS and Trainings

1. Open Source Technology —- 19-23 sep 2011

2. PHP and MySql — 14-18 Nov 2011

3. Digital Repository —- 27 Feb to 2 March 2012

Detail Contents will be available by Mid of July 2011…

Pls Note :-
No Fee for sponsored Faculty and Staff from Technical Institutions from All over the Country.
TA will be paid to only govt and govt aided northern region institutes’s participants.
No fee for pvt. Institutions and TA will not be paid ( More info at
Hostel and Mess Charges ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) .Rs 150/- approx per day per pvt participant and free for Govt and Govt Aided Institutes’s Participants


Lucky 13 Ways to Enjoy LINUX – A Community Gift to Community

Lucky 13 Ways to USE /Install/Manage Linux Operating System

LINUX – A Community Gift to Community

LINUX – A Community Gift to Community

Earlier we use to quote the example of a person who was very learned in our history with 10 heads … guess……

ya great Learned Scholar Ravana from Lanka i.e earlier 10 ways to use / install/manage Linux ,

with the passage of time we start quoting dozen(12) ways and now Lucky 13 ways , in future may be more with the support of Community….

All these 13 ways are required and fir for differnet situations like
System without CD-Rom/DVD/USB support even without a hard disk

one can relish and enjoy LINUX – A Community Gift to Community

13 ways:———————

1.Native Installation ( Linux only )
2.Dual/ Multi Boot Installation ( Multiple OS like windows and linux)
3.Kick-Start (unattended)
4.Over the Network thru NFS, FTP, HTTP, SMB Methods
5.Hard Disk to Hard Disk
6.Virtualization ( Multi OS at the same time)
7.Wuby Way ( Installation inside windows like application software)
8.Telnet/SSH/Remote Login ( CUI)
9.Webmin/Web based Usage and Administration
11.Using LTSP for Pxe- enabled Thin Clients/ Diskless Machines
12.Installation through Pen Drive
13. Live ( without Installation)

More Technical Details of How -to can be upload shortly …

Further queries can be found at Queries and Support