Research Tools and Software


Shortly You get all List of Research Tools :— Few are

* freemat, scilab, octave alternate to Matlab

* Network Simulators ( NS3, NS2.33,Omnet++)

The ns-3 network simulator

Latest stable release: ns-3.8 (May 3, 2010)

E-Commerce STC ( 6-10 September 2010)

E-Commerce STC from 6 September to 10 September 2010
* Those who can’t or able to attend the STC, can see the live stc through webcast online link will be available on 25 August 2010…….

E-Commerce Contents

1.Overview of E-Commerce Applications , Technology and Threats ( Crimes and Attacks)
2.Domain Registration, Online Payment Gateways and Deployment
3.Online Form Validations using Dreamweaver ( HTML and Scripting Editor)
4.M-Commerce using J2ME
5.Web Site Hosting and Web Server
6.FTP and Remote Server
7.Server Setup for E-Commerce with Database
8.E-Commerce Site Development using Drupal
9.E-Commerce Site Load Balancing
10.DNS Server Setup
11.Public and Private Key Implementation
12.Implementation of Digital Signatures using GPG
13.SSL Implementation for Secure Transactions
14. Site Hacking and Security

No Fee for sponsored Faculty and Staff from Technical Institutions.
TA will be paid to only govt and govt aided northern region institutes’s participants
No fee for pvt. Institutions and TA will not be paid ( More info at